Bengkel Permurnian Kertas Konsep – Long Term Research Grant MyInovasi-UMK2012 Winning Research Proposal Series – 40 FRGS potential proposals! UMK was awarded RM130,870 – Knowledge Tranfer Program to develop MAKE Model for Agribusiness Sector UMK EXCELLENCE IN ENTREPRENEURSHIP – AN APEX UNIVERSITY IN THE REGION Rasch Model Won 3 Awards

Welcome to Prof Dr Raja Suzana website. She is now served as a Visiting Scholar at the Babson Global, Wellesley (near Boston) US, a member of the Global Consortium for Entrepreneurship Educations, US and a candidate for the Postgraduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship from Judge Business School, University of Cambridge, UK. She is also a Senate Member of Universiti Malaysia Kelantan.


IKON MUDA Social Enterprise Malaysia (SEM)

  ‘IKON MUDA Social Enterprise Malaysia (SEM)’ – Kami di Persatuan Usahawan Sosial Malaysia (SEM) atau SOCIAL ENTERPRISE MALAYSIA melalui rangkaian Usahawan kami telah diperkenalkan dengan Usahawan Remaja iaitu Adik Muhammad Hazym Zulkarnine. Beliau baru berumur 15 tahun dan sudah memiliki Perniagaan sendiri. SEM terpanggil untuk membantu dan membimbing Adik Hazym mencapai Impian dan Cita-Citanya untuk bergelar Jutawan & Usahawan Berjaya pada USIA 21 Tahun. Secara Rasminya, SEM melantik Adik Hazym, 15 Tahun sebagai ‘IKON MUDA

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Met Global and Local Network for Technopreneurship Capacity Building Programme

Soft-launching of technopreneurship capacity building with MIGHT Meteor and USCF-Fresno, USA. The programme will prepare technopreneur to bring their innovative and technology product to global market.

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Technopreneurship & Capacity Building to Bring Business Value to Global Market with MIGHT Meteor and the American Insitute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship, California State University, Fresno, USA.

  Engaging with global network, the American Institute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship and the Lyles Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, California State University, Fresno to develop social enterprise and technopreneurship capacity building programme. The programme assists local entrepreneurs in Malaysia to expand their global marketing.

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With Expert of Entrepreneurial Finance at Cambridge University

Financial Modelling ending up with gaining insights into how the role of the entrepreneur evolves into that of a company director.  With a brilliant Professor from University of Cambridge, Dr Teresa Tse who is passionate in guidance us the right way to calculate the value of our social enterprise ventures.

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Talk from Cambridge Serial Entrepreneurs

  Interesting conversations and dialogue from serial entrepreneurs in Cambridge.  In preparing entrepreneurs as Chief Executive Officer and Directors, several case studies on the real perspectives and experiences were shared with audience.  Shareholders’ issues, director’s agreement and how to tackle their interest on each other participation and contributions towards enterprise values prepared young entrepreneurs to start thinking way forward for their enterprise venture.

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Calculating the Value of Ideas that Impact Social Business Venture

  The session focused on enhancing the entrepreneur’s understanding of the financial aspects.  Each of us as entrepreneur-to-be presented our financial models and value proposition. The activities helped to develop new thoughts on how to enhance the value of our project.

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Financial Issues in Social Business Case

The session this morning was exciting and full of passion on the part of the speaker on translating the learning of financial management in regenerating the values of the social entrepreneur’s idea. All businesses sit within the context of the much wider business and economic environment.  Additional insights into how to interpret the key indicators of the economic environment and the implications they have for businesses were explored. The entrepreneur should also understand the process

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Preparing Social Business Case at Cambridge Judge Business School

Group mentoring on preparation of the business case is in progress.  Our mentor is sharing various knowledge using business canvas as a tool and guide the discussions on enterprise venture project.  We shared our latest updates on the opportunity we gathered and feasibility study as well key questions and challenges which lead us to develop an appropriate business case.

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Start-up Malaysia shared their Business Canvas Model

Dr Dash from Start-up Malaysia was welcomed to CJBS and shared his perspectives on Business Canvas Model.

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2 degree temperature of Spring at the Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge

Arrived the Porter’ Lodge and was welcomed to the Fellow Garden.  Enjoying 2 degree temperature, the peace and quiet of the magnificent surroundings. Everlasting memories in Cambridge and missing the love ones.

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