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Welcome to Professor Dr. Raja Suzana website. She is now served as the Honorary Professor at the Stichting Eurogio University College Netherlands and a Visiting Scholar at the Babson Global, a member of the Global Consortium for Entrepreneurship Educations, US. A product of the Postgraduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship from Cambridge Judge Business School, University of Cambridge, UK; she is also the Founder of Social Enterprise Malaysia, an entity that focused on social innovation and helps young people living in the marginalised community to engage into business and start-up venture.


Social Enterprise Ventures: participation from Undergraduates of Universiti Malaysia Kelantan and selected Young People who lives in the Marginalised Communities in Malaysia

Please have a view on Universiti Malaysia Kelantan dan Social Enterprise Malaysia participation during the launching of Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Center di Cyberjaya pada 26 dan 27 April 2014. Ten social enterprise ventures had participated and pitch their business ideas to audience and visitors during the event.  The social participations highlight the importance of social innovation and its impact to the community, environment and socio-economy values.  The engagement with selected young people living

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Completing assignments of yesterday and today in Kota Bharu.

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The Social Science and Behavioral Procedia Journal is published under the Elsevier. Please retrieve your copy.

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RURAL BUSINESS CHALLENGE anjuran Kementerian Kemajuan Luar Bandar dan Wilayah

Hantarkan rancangan perniagaan anda dan berpeluang memenangi GERAN PERNIAGAAN sehingga RM2 juta. (tarikh tutup 30 April, 2014). Kategori 1: Pengembangan Perniagaan (RM2 juta geran) Kategori 2: Wang tunai sehingga RM10,000 X 10 Rancangan Perniagaan terbaik! Rural Business Challenge (RBC) merupakan satu inisiatif di bawah Government Transformation Programme (GTP) 2.0. RBC merupakan penganjuran pertandingan penyediaan Rancangan Perniagaan (RP) di kalangan belia Malaysia. Melalui pertandingan tersebut, belia Malaysia yang berumur 18 hingga 40 tahun dikehendaki menyediakan RP

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TUBE-Tunas Usahawan Belia Bumiputera Programme with SME Corp Malaysia

TUBE programme is assisting young people to engage into business. Let us support SMECorp moves to generate economy of creating productive employment via entrepreneurship. SMECorp is targetting to develop 500 young entrepreneurs. The Founder of Social Enterprise Malaysia was  with the Chief Executive Officer of SME Corp. Malaysia, Y Bhg. Dato’ Hafsah Hashim. A very inspiring and visionary lady to help young nation of Malaysia to participate more in economy via Tunas Usahawan Belia Bumiputera

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Appointment of Co-Chair of 2015 International Conference on Resources, Environment, Information and Engineering Innovation

Thank you for the honored given and the invitation to serve as the Co-Chair of 2015 International Conference on Resources, Environment, Information and Engineering Innovation.  This international conference is a collaborative work between the University of Oklahoma, Nanyang Technological University, Jiangxi Academy of Sciences, East China Institute of Technology, Nanchang University, and sponsored by National Natural Science Foundation of China (NFSC). The accepted papers will be published by Trans Tech Publications (TTP) in Applied Materials Research Journal

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Visiting Professor at ESIC Entrepreneurs, Madrid, Spain

Courtesy of The European connection has opened an opportunity to experience entrepreneurs learning journey at ESIC Entrepreneurs.  It is an initiative of the School which aims to: “To coordinate the activities of different areas and campus ESIC made in advancing entrepreneurship and support the execution of business projects proposed by our students and alumni.” ESIC Entrepreneurs join forces pursued and transmit solidly committed to the school in promoting the employability of ESIC, encouraging both self-employment

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Appointed as the Honorary Professor of Stichting Euregio University College, Netherlands and will be a full-fledged university by 2015

The appointment was made in 2013 as the Honorary Professor at the Stichting Euregio University College in Netherlands.  The entrepreneurial expertise and management background serves as the utmost important skills required to serve the institution. Stichting Euregio University College ( is based in the Netherlands and their academic as well as Continuous Professional Development programmes (CPD) are accredited and internationally recognized. (Courtesy of Stichting Euregio University College) The University desires to focus on connecting people

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Social Entrepreneurship in European Countries talk about social investment, social finance, and the social economy

While it is an emerging issues in Malaysia, a new industry on social enterprise venture had steadily taking shape among the European countries.  This industry has many names: social investment, social finance, and the social economy.  It fuses together two relative strengths of the UK and among the European countries – skill in finance and skill in civic action, organisation and delivery. To understand the role of intermediaries and investors; who they are, what they

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Social Products from UMK Undergraduates and Youth Living in the Marginalised Communities

Universiti Malaysia Kelantan will showcase 10 social products during the MAGIC launching held at Cyberjaya, from 27-29 April, 2014 which was mooted from the collaborative ideas combining youth living in the marginalised communities in the East Coast area of Malaysia.  Consultation, facilitation, boot camps, training and mentorship were part of the  processes of learning social entrepreneurship and bring their ideation into a productive business idea.

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