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Welcome to Professor Dr. Raja Suzana website. She is now served as the Vice President of the Malaysian Graduate Entrepreneur Association; the Commonwealth Asia Alliance of Young Entrepreneurs--CAAYE Representative of Malaysia; Patron of Executive DBA - Doctorate of Business Management Programme at the Eurogio Management School, Stichting Euregio University College, the Netherlands; and, a Visiting Scholar at the Babson Global (a member of the Global Consortium for Entrepreneurship Educations, US). A product of the Postgraduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship from Cambridge Judge Business School, University of Cambridge, UK; she is active in social entrepreneurship and social innovation. Prof Raja Suzana is very passionate on helping young people living in the marginalised community to engage into business and start-up venture via her active roles in entrepreneurship capacity building not only in Malaysia, but throughout the Commonwealth countries, ASEAN countries, and China.


Eat Well-Live Honestly

  Met new old friend who told me she was 80 years old. When i told her that I am turning to 45 this November, she screamed and thought I was in early 30s. And if my genetics are any predictor I am not quite half-way there. Of course I tweeted a bit about the birthday, and the twitterverse responded very kindly to my trolling for complements. Not only her, but a few asked my secret

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Faculty Fellow – Magic-Stanford Technology Venture Program at Stanford University, California

We were interviewed two weeks ago.     In the midst of a volatile job market and an increasingly competitive and uncertain world, students of higher learning institutes now must seriously look at entrepreneurship apart from seeking employment upon graduation. This is a fact that has been duly noted in the recently announced Malaysia Education Blueprint (Higher Education) 2015-2025 which stipulates to graduate students with the talent, skills, and knowledge needed to thrive in the 21st

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GIST – Great Ideas for Starting Things

GIST – Great Ideas for Starting Things. It is much easier to do things right from the start than to fix them later. I discussed this with Guy Kawasaki and learnt his model of a viable sweet spot–1. expertise, 2. opportunities and 3. passion. If we have at least two of them, you can often develop the third if you try hard enough. At this stage, you may be forming the DNA of your startups,

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Technology Entrepreneurship Course – global content

My technology entrepreneurship classes are at the launch stage. We worked on the basis of experiential and proactive learning – JIT Model – Try then apply mentality with action-reflection and learning from mistakes Some of the stuff I learned was, be willing to know that even when you think you know for sure, always leave room for UNCERTAINTY. And someone who always agree with you is not necessarily YOUR FRIEND. You can always learn something

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women entrepreneurship: challenges

Female entrepreneur did not think BIG? A lot of women entrepreneur for whatsoever reasons culturally need to think big and should expose themselves women opportunities to a bigger program. We want to people to know that women can start something BIG.

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Women entrepreneur: Think Big

Female entrepreneur did not think BIG? A lot of women entrepreneur for whatsoever reasons culturally need to think big and should expose themselves women opportunities to a bigger program. We want to people to know that women can start something BIG.

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engaging extraordinary startups with DFJ at Silicon Valley

  Early stage startups appear to be the most challenging process in assisting and giving them opportunities in term of capital. Think Big is the most influencing factor that could convince VC in Silicon Valley.  Government effort like tax incentives at times does not benefiting early startup.  In the state of word today is we enjoy this innovation and host early stage companies that come through. We work with a greater DFJ network with more

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Global Entrepreneurial Marketing by Professor Kosnik, Stanford University

Global Entrepreneurial Marketing by Professor Tom Kosnik begins our session this morning. The uniqueness in today trending market requires different segmentation: exclusive, selective and intensive. In each of the distribution channel, the values of each of the channel lies on the extent of the interaction that manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers and consumers engaging themselves in selling activities, services and support, logistics and financing and its related term. The channel margin usually works on unit cost, %

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Entrepreneurship from A to Z with Guy Kawasaki at Stanford University

  Entrepreneurship from A to Z. Starting with launching and pitching, moving on to fundraising and team building and concluding with marketing and evangelizing where Guy Kawasaki guides each step necessary to start a business. This is what I learned from Guy Kawasaki, life is not serial but parallel. He never stop enchanting people. I have been overwhelmed with the amount of detail that sometimes we forget to recheck. Guy provided a lot of valuable

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Stanford University: 10/20/30 rule of powerpoint: Pitching

I admired his 10/20/30 rule of powerpoint. A pitch should have ten slides; last no more than twenty minutes and contain no font smaller than thirty points. Nice to meet you Guy!

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